A few posts ago I mentioned I had been experimenting with different types of squat and had come up with a new type that showed potential. 

Well I have continued with it and have broadened out the principle into a series of warm up exercises before going quadrupedal.  They are going really well.  I have a few other people doing them too and they are really enjoying them.  They work particularly on chaining the usage of the muscles together so that they produce smooth co-ordinated movements that conserve energy and maximise strength and power. 

So many of us have developed such unnatural habits of movement and body usage that we actually often contract muscles in ways that oppose our intended action, or fail to contract ones that would aid the action.  Some parts of our movements are essentially in reverse, kind of like cruising down a hill in your car and then accidentally shifting the gear into reverse, the car jumps and damage is done.  No wonder so many of us have aches and pains and our bodies wear out so easily. 

The warm up exercises make a start on re-educating our bodies so that our movements become fluid, graceful and effective again.  For myself I kind of feel like parts of me are slowly waking up as if from a deep sleep.  Some of it is kind of painful as I get out of old frozen body usage habits.  Kind of like if you have been sitting on your ankles and they have gone to sleep, it can be painful to get them moving again.  I think it will be well worth it to have things moving properly again though, just trying to figure out how to wake my body up more quickly.

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