Time trial

Ok, so I did a time trial today. The distance was 100 metres, actually I think it is probably more like 105 or 110 metres, but close enough to 100 metres for now.

My time was 2minutes 2.10seconds.

Blistering fast huh? I only have to go about 12 times as fast to keep up with the fastest human bipeds. I knew it would be slow, in fact it was a real effort to do it at all, but I thought I would time it anyway to give me something measured to look back at and compare with in the future. I had actually built up to ‘running’ with my quadrupedal motion previously, but as I’ve mentioned previously it proved to be unsustainable. I am taking things much slower now and really want to get my body mechanics right each step of the way as I progress – and I feel like I’m doing that. I think I have to put my current time into perspective – how fast would an infant who has barely starting taking steps do 100metres? I think this is quite a relevant comparison as my whole mechanics and neurology has to change and adapt for this kind of motion in order for it to be sustainable. In some ways it really is like being born again – or going back to infancy at least. I think part of my troubles in previous efforts at quadrupedal movement was that I was a biped pretending or trying to be a quadruped, rather than actually being a quadruped. Significant difference.

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