I had a really good training session this morning. When I say training session, these sessions aren’t long, the idea is to gradually adjust my body mechanics and habituate myself to the new mechanics. I have found too much work with poor body mechanics to be counterproductive in the past.

I had two day completely off training over the weekend. Various parts of my body had been feeling stiff and tired at the end of last week. Interestingly I don’t think this was from my quadrupedal training, I don’t think I have ever had stiffness from this (apart from in my fingers which aren’t used to the loads they sometimes take) tiredness yes, stiffness no. I think the stiffness was from some kung fu training where I didn’t cool down properly.

Anyway, I was fresh and feeling good this morning. I did some ‘walking’ which was challenging as usual but felt good. My breathing is starting to feel like less and less of an effort, which is a good sign. I am also getting more movement in my back, which is fantastic. With this movement in my back I decided to try what is popularly referred to as a ‘kong’ in recent times by people doing parkour, as it looks a bit like a gorilla movement. You place both hands, then hop both legs up together and repeat. The lengthening in my spine with this movement felt great. I can see the movement patterns developed from the kongs being helpful for developing my stride for ‘walking’ and ‘running’ as well.

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