Drifting along above the earth…

I started to bring my legs a little more under my body today and found that I naturally broke out into a gentle canter. It felt quite amazing, as if I was floating above the earth, my fingertips and balls and toes of my feet would touch for just the briefest moment before lifting off again. I did five repeats of a 50 metre canter, and it felt really good. I actually felt like it was easier and much more refreshing than ‘walking’ the same sort of distance.

I feel very much encouraged by this. My progress has been such hard work every step of the way so far, but this felt like it came all by itself and I just had to let it happen. I feel like I might begin to make more rapid and easier progress from here on in.

On another note… is anyone out there reading this? If you are, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail. I guess I am mainly writing this as sort of a personal record for me to look back on, but it would be cool if other people also found something of interest in what I’m doing. Until recently I was getting spammed like crazy through this site (recently cleared out 4,500 pending messages :s ) but I figured out how to put in a captcha for comments and registrations, so that has dried up the spam pretty well. It is possible that with all that spam there were some genuine comments that I missed, I hope not.

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