Back on the wagon

I’m finally back out there on all fours again.

I think I’ve mentioned previously that I have had some long standing problems with my back which has been making training difficult, well recently I’ve been doing some more breathing work in preparation for a book I’m supposed to be writing about breathing, and it has really really helped. I am starting to get some movement in areas of my spine that have just been completely jammed for ages. As a result I am starting to get a more natural movement on all fours.

I have made a few more tweaks to my body mechanics with the quadrupedal movement and it is feeling really good. I feel like maybe I finally have all the pieces now, my muscles are activating differently and my movement is gradually becoming more stable, fluid and sustainable. I feel like I’m going to be able to continue to build on this rather than keep running into road blocks and having to stop periodically.

I’m excited.

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