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White meat

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day about why chicken breast meast is white and the leg meat is brown. He said it is because most chickens don’t fly the breast meat is used very little … Continue reading

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On Raw Foods

I have been thinking a lot about diet and nutrition lately, and experimenting with a few things.  One thing I keep thinking about is raw foods.  Logically eating raw is a big step towards living a more ‘natural’ life, as … Continue reading

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Its monday, back into some training after the weekend and I felt sooo sluggish this morning.  I think I know why too.  For the last couple of months I have been experimenting with eating only once a day.  I figure … Continue reading

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If you’ve been following this blog for awhile you’ll know that one of my new years resolutions this year was to not buy or have in my cupboards any products with refined sugar in them (I’m allowing myself to eat … Continue reading

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Eating grass

I have been eating a bit of grass off and on for the past few weeks. From observing wild and domestic animals I noticed that whenever they are feeling a bit sick or off colour they instinctively go and eat … Continue reading

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Raw meat

Today I ate a piece of raw meat, I think for the first time ever.  I have had raw fish before (with lemon juice and coconut milk etc), but I don’t think I have ever had raw meat.  It was … Continue reading

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Climbing Trees…

Well, I’m getting a bit bored with just walking around barefoot concentrating on my forefoot plant, but I think that I need to develop quite a bit further before I’m ready for full quadrupedal locomotion or even extended barefoot running.  … Continue reading

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Four day fast

Just finished a four day fast. The last couple of days took a bit of willpower as I really started to feel quite hungry. At the very end raw meat started to be just SLIGHTLY appealing.

Over the course of the fast I lost about 7 or 8 kgs (thats about 15 pounds for you americans), but its ok – I’m a fairly big boy and there is still plenty of me left over.

Ironically I am actually wanting to gain weight as I think this will make it easier to change the mechanics of how I use my body in certain ways…
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Hello world!

Today I have taken another step on a journey.  A journey to health! … and I’ve decided to blog about it. In our world today there is a fascination with health, fitness, beauty and wellbeing and how we can obtain … Continue reading

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