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Thinking of Falling?

For some time now I have been aware that my posture (and many people’s posture for that matter) reflects in some way a fear of falling.  I have attributed that to the process of learning to walk being rushed.  No … Continue reading

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Climbing Trees…

Well, I’m getting a bit bored with just walking around barefoot concentrating on my forefoot plant, but I think that I need to develop quite a bit further before I’m ready for full quadrupedal locomotion or even extended barefoot running.  … Continue reading

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Speaking of moving like an animal, the rising tide of parkour comes close.  Its emphasis on experimental, free, natural, playful movement has taken its practitioners a long way towards moving like a wild animal.  I think there are a few … Continue reading

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Stubbed toe

I stubbed my toe this morning.  For those of you who don’t know what stubbing a toe is, it means I hit the tip of my toe on the ground in such a way that it split open and peeled … Continue reading

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Progress to date

Ok… so I have been building up my walking quite a bit, all barefoot.  Been going for about an hour at a time the last couple of days.  Walking on a variety of surfaces, a lot of concrete and asphalt, … Continue reading

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Four day fast

Just finished a four day fast. The last couple of days took a bit of willpower as I really started to feel quite hungry. At the very end raw meat started to be just SLIGHTLY appealing.

Over the course of the fast I lost about 7 or 8 kgs (thats about 15 pounds for you americans), but its ok – I’m a fairly big boy and there is still plenty of me left over.

Ironically I am actually wanting to gain weight as I think this will make it easier to change the mechanics of how I use my body in certain ways…
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Baby Steps!

For some time I have been experimenting with forms of movement, seeking to benefit from what I observe in the wild and what I have learned from my practice of qigong, martial arts and various natural health modalities. Of particular interest to me is natural locomotion in its various forms. I have had interesting experiences experimenting with quadrupedal locomotion.

My initial interest in this was sparked by the commonality…
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Hello world!

Today I have taken another step on a journey.  A journey to health! … and I’ve decided to blog about it. In our world today there is a fascination with health, fitness, beauty and wellbeing and how we can obtain … Continue reading

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